Baby Milk Action’s Policy Director, Patti Rundall OBE, will explain the basics of the policies  that will help you protect child health – whether you are a health worker, parent, teacher or policy maker….

This page will focus on key Resolutions and policies that you should familiarise yourself with.

For information on EU and UK legislation and when the new legislation will come in  CLICK HERE see the Baby Feeding Law Group page which is currently being updated.

To start CLICK HERE to go to the  1981 International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and the  subsequent relevant Resolutions.

ICDC compilation of  the Code and Resolutions.  2018 Code & Resolutions

CLICK HERE  for the 2017 Update of WHO’s The International Code of Marketing of breastmilk Substitutes  –  Frequently asked Questions.

CLICK HERE for the Resolution WHA 69/9 adopted in May 2016 entitled Ending inappropriate promotion of foods for infants and young children

CLICK HERE for the Guidance PDF A69/A/CONF./7 Rev.1

CLICK HERE for WHO’s  Framework for Engagement with Non State Actors (FENSA)

IBFAN has many concerns about FENSA and the General Work Plan.

2G2H2 31.1. 2018. Baby-Milk-Action-IBFAN-GWP.    IBFAN EB Jan 18

Below  are 2 pages taken from the Executive Summary of IBFAN’s latest monitoring report, Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules 2014, with some key sections from past World Health Assembly Resolutions.  This is a good  start!