Baby Milk Action is the UK member of the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) a network of over 348 citizens groups in more than 108 countries.   In order to protect our independence and ability to speak out, we accept no commercial funding of any kind.

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Donations: We are unable to accept donations using our credit card facility. If you would like to send us a donation with your purchase, please visit our donations page .  Donations (one off or repeated) can be made direct to Baby Milk Action’s  bank (Account number: 50588718  Sort Code: 08 90 43) or via PayPal (as a guest).   Alternatively, cheques can be sent to 34 Blinco Grove, Cambridge, CB1 7TS

We are funded by membership fees and donations. Thank you for helping to make our work possible.

We are not maintaining the VIRTUAL SHOP  but do have some materials available. 

IBFAN posters and social media materials

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Reports and Briefings

The International Code&Resolutions pdf (Updated 2022)

Conflicts of Interest


Multi-Stakeholder partnerships

 Committee on Food Security 

IBFAN guide on Sponsorship and Conflicts of Interest (2005)

Virtual Shop

Tigers  National Laws


For more than 30 years the IBFAN/International Code Documentation Centre in Penang has monitored and reported on violations of the International Code and Resolutions and assisted countries in drafting or strengthening national legislation. Following the closure of the ICDC Penang office, IBFAN’s regional offices are taking up this work.   Many ICDC materials are available as free downloads  – see below –  some hard copies are from the VIRTUAL SHOP

Code&Resolutions pdf (Updated 2022)

Code Essentials 1 (CE1) 2nd Edition

Code Essentials 2 (CE2) Includes the Model Law 2nd Edition

Code Essentials 3  (CE3) 2nd Edition

Code Monitoring Kit (Update 2019)

State of the Code Chart 2018

Milks for mothers ICDC Focus

Code in Cartoons 2014

2019 Health Worker Guide 12th Ed

The Code Handbook 2005 with appendices


Breaking the Rules Stretching the Rules 2017

Executive Summary

2019 IBFAN Code Monitoring Kit  

Company Profiles

Nestlé BTR 2017

Danone BTR 2017

Abbott BTR 2017

Mead Johnson 2017

MedelaBTR 2017

MAM BTR 2017


FonteraMilks for mothers ICDC Focus


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