Weak global trading standards and the climate crisis – why Codex must step up


Ensuring Strong safeguards on Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods.  https://www.babymilkaction.org/archives/34951

Codex standards must have strong safeguards August 2022

Should Business NGOs sit on country delegations?  Question to the Codex Secretariat during the  CAC briefing 29th July 2022.  HERE

Global trading standards must follow WHO in  restricting harmful marketing 75th World Health Assembly, Geneva, 22-28th May, 2022

Codex Press Releases over the years

2021 Baby food industry lobbies to weaken Codex standards on sweetness and flavouring

2021 Danone and Croplife in evidence at Codex 2021

Greenwashing and the risks of Sustainability Labelling IBFAN Sustanability CCFL 22

CODEX: Exporting countries put trade before the health of the planet and children

Codex Commission (CAC44) meeting unable to reach Consensus on growth hormone

2016 Global standardsetting committee puts child health before trade 38th Codex Alimentarius Nutrition Committee, Hamburg, Germany. 7th December 2016 Codex PR 2016

2014 Trade vs health – global meeting fails to safeguard infant and young child health Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses Bali, Indonesia 24-28th November 2014 Codex-Bali-PR-2014.

2011 The Business of malnutrition: breaking down trade rules to profit from the poor
Codex Nutrition Meeting, Bad Soden, Frankfurt, Germany 12 -18th November 2011 Codex PR 2011

2006. EU and US block Thailand’s proposal to reduce sugar in baby foods FAO/WHO Codex Nutrition Committee (CCFSNDU) Chiang Mai, Thailand, 3rd November 2006.  Codex PR 2006


Miscellanous Codex Reports:

IBFAN-Codex-RUTF 31.10.17-

Phil Baker’s Codex Paper 2021

IBFAN Codex Report CCNFSDU Nov 2013

What you don’t know about the Codex can hurt you: how trade policy trumps global health governance in infant and young child nutrition. Russ K, Baker P, Byrd M, et al.Int. Journ. Health Policy and Management 2021; 10(12): 983-97.

Baker et al. Globalization and Health (2021) 17:58. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12992-021-00708-1


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