See Press release about the letter from 67 NGOs to WHO and the  NonPaper on the implications of the Framework of Engagement With Non State Actors (FENSA)

For the past 4 years and as part of the WHO reform, WHO and its governing bodies are discussing new set of policies, currently called Framework of Engagement With Non State Actors (FENSA). It is a critically important document as its final shape will determine whether WHO will be an agency able to protect its independence, integrity and credibility. Public-interest NGOs have been closely following the process, see e.g. ( )

The negotiations are now taking place in Geneva  and the WHO Secretariat has prepared a problematic document, non-paper (attached), which is listing the risks of implementing FENSA.

In response to the problematic Secretariat’s document  NGOs  working in health, right to food and nutrition or human rights are writing to Dr Chan, Director General of WHO – calling on her to protect the UN and overall policy-making from corporate takeover.




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