1 WHO Framework of engagement with non-State actors

CLICK HERE for the background information http://www.who.int/about/who_reform/non-state-actors/en/

Textual proposals submitted by Member States on the draft overarching framework of engagement with non-State actors and the four specific policies contained in the Annex of document EB136/5

The  consolidated text with proposed comments from Member States is now on the WHO Website and will be discussed in a three day meeting at WHO HQ in Geneva from 29 March -1st April.

http://www.who.int/about/who_reform/non-state-actors/member-state-proposals-framework-nsa-en.pdf?ua=1      Document page http://www.who.int/about/who_reform/non-state-actors/en/

Submission from Bolivia  (for technical reasons this arrived too late to be included with the others:


2     WHO’s Global Coordinating Mechanism (CGM) on NCDs  held a  Webinar on 20th March on its plans to ‘realize governments’ commitments to engage with the private sector for the prevention and control of NCDs’   There will also be  a Dialogue on how to encourage the continued inclusion of NCDs in development cooperation agendas and initiatives (Geneva, 20-21 April 2015)  All these events are only open to those who are registered with the GCM

See this link for all the  comments on the NCDGCM  http://www.who.int/global-coordination-mechanism/working-groups/en/

CLICK here for IBFAN/Baby Milk Action’s comment  about the weak conflict of interest safeguards being used that  open the door to big food corporations. We really fear that the  GCM  emphasis on ‘engagement’ with the Private Sector could affect its direction and  the building of a consensus on NCDs that is in the public interest.

Its interesting to note that the  World Economic Forum  (WEF) – whose Chair of the Board is Nestlé’s Peter Brabeck –  is proposing that it is  used as a ‘neutral platform!  (Click Here for a previous comment about WEF’s Global Redesign initiative.)

Here is an excerpt from its submission:

 2. Leveraging a bridging Intermediary/ referee: “An intermediary – a brokering individual, group of individuals or neutral platform – can be a useful in the process of managing interest. This intermediary should ideally have the support and high-level trust of most, if not all, the sectors represented. Can identify mutual benefits and value propositions for each stakeholder by having background conversations with individual stakeholders to gain their perspective and bring that to the forefront in a neutral manner. The World Economic Forum, as a neutral International Institution committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation, is well positioned to play such role.”

3  Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity Interim Report -DEADLINE for comments:  June 5th

CLICK HERE   for the report.


For previous  IBFAN’s comments on  ECHO and our  Intervention at the Executive Board.(CLICK HERE)




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