Nestle, PepsiCo and others ‘use public funds to develop harmful snacks’ Obesity charities say Innovate UK should not be paying multinationals to invent an energy-efficient chocolate machine or a new way to dry potatoes



The Guardian  Brazilian Study on breastfeeding and intelligence.

The longer babies breastfeed, the more they achieve in life – major study  Brazilian study of 6,000 babies from all backgrounds since 1982 finds those who breastfed were more intelligent, spent longer in education and earned more

The Lancet

Association between breastfeeding and intelligence, educational attainment, and income at 30 years of age: a prospective birth cohort study from Brazil


Prof Cesar G Victora, PhD, Dr Bernardo Lessa Horta, PhDcorrespondenceemail, Christian Loret de Mola, PhD, Luciana Quevedo, PhD, Ricardo Tavares Pinheiro, PhD, Denise P Gigante, PhD, Helen Gonçalves, PhD, Fernando C Barros, PhD

The Atlantic
About that Study We know breast milk is good for babies, but there are serious questions about recent research that suggests breastfed infants grow up to have higher IQs and more income.


 São Paulo Will Now Fine Businesses That Shame Breastfeeding Women

The Brazilian legislation is the first of its kind MAR 20, 2015



HEALTH | 20.03.15 | 12:27 Armenia Now

Mother’s Milk v Baby Formula: New law encourages breastfeeding in Armenia



Breast-feeding may protect infants against obesity

Babies who drank mother’s milk for less than 2 months were more likely to gain extra weight, according to a recent study


Glyphosate is “probable human carcinogen” – WHO’s cancer agency

IARC’s verdict comes as glyphosate is set to be re-approved in Europe this year – The World Health Organisation’s cancer agency has declared the world’s most widely used weedkiller a “probable human carcinogen” in a move that will alarm the agrochemical industry and amateur gardeners


World’s first academy for humanitarian relief to be launched

Humanitarian Leadership Academy to train aid workers from over 50 countries in organising rapid responses to disasters and emergencies






The story Behind the Hilarious Wearable Breastfeeding Tent Rachel Bertsche March 20, 2015


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