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Help the film Tigers roar

Put human rights above business interests

Protect children, mothers and their families in Europe

The new feature film Tigers reaches cinemas in 2015 after a great reception on the festival circuit.

This 90-minute feature film by Oscar-winning director, Danis Tanovic, tells the true story of a former Nestlé salesman who took on the company with the help of IBFAN when he realises that babies are dying as a result of his work pressuring doctors to promote formula.

‘Writer-director Danis Tanovic explores the power of multinationals, the media and ethics in a finely crafted true-life story.’

Hollywood Reporter.

We need to be ready for the interest the film will generate and we need you to be ready. Please sign up to our email alerts if you have not done so already.

We are producing leaflets and other resources to tell people what they can do after they have seen the film. We are also helping IBFAN partners around the world bring the film to their countries. Can you make a donation to support this work?Donate

It is already having an impact. It has been shown at festivals in Canada, Spain, Croatia, Sweden, the United States and Switzerland.

On Friday 27 February it returns to Switzerland, appearing at the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights. Baby Milk Action will be there in Nestlé’s home country alongside Syed Aamir Raza and another Nestlé whistle blower, Yasmine Motarjemi.

On Saturday 7 March it will screen at a special event organised by IBFAN Italia.

Members of Baby Milk Action are invited to meet Aamir at an exclusive event in London between these festivals. Details below.

Help us be ready to make the most of the attention Tigers brings to our work.

Put human rights above business interests

Baby Milk Action is part of the Treaty Alliance, working for binding regulations on corporations.

We were there when the UN Human Rights Council was debating whether to draft a Treaty to Prevent & Address Corporate Human Rights Violations.

Despite opposition from the EU and the US, the Human Rights Council set up a working group to draft the Treaty.

We have long experience in holding corporations to account and know what does and does not work; what is needed to stop human rights abuses.

We need you help for this work to continue. Can you make a donation to support this work?

Protect children, mothers and their families in Europe

We monitor the baby food industry in the UK.

Recently we have won cases against companies such as Nestlé and ASDA over misleading baby milk marketing.

We prompted Tesco to revise its marketing practices after exposing illegal formula marketing practices.Donate

And we are scrutinising and campaigning on new regulations being drafted by the European Commission. Someone has to do it!

You help us by being our eyes and ears on the ground, reporting suspect practices.

But we need funds to be able to respond to the many enquiries we receive and to pursue cases with the companies and enforcement authorities.

As the campaign around new marketing regulations gathers pace, we want to produce a new Look What They’re Doing in the UK monitoring report. Can you make a donation to support this work?

If you represent a Charitable Trust and are interested in supporting our work, please contact us to discuss it further.

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