The media coverage following the New York Times exposé continues with over 600 online editorial articles and about 900 social media posts. Below are just some of the recent articles and programs including one from 2015 that gives an insight to President Trump’s personal views about breastfeeding.


Here a Facebook link to a new piece by Al Jazeera.

This Round Table discussion went out  on Turkish TV on Thursday 26th July. Alice Delemare, Campaign adviser at Changing Markets; Patti Rundall, Policy Director at Baby Milk Action; Sabita Uthaya, Consultant in Neonatal Medicine at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital; and Mitch Blair, Professor of Paediatrics and Child Public Health at Imperial College London. The two Turkish TV discussions are interesting, touching on  sponsorship and research issues.

Round table – Baby business: Is the milk formula industry too powerful?

Here’s another good  report on TRT: Infant Formula: An ethical Issue


Nepali Times: Back to the nipple in Nepal More Nepali mothers now exclusively breastfeeding babies for better health.  Sonia Awale July 27, 2018


Worth taking a look back to 2015 with a story that perhaps gives an insight to President Trump’s views on breastfeeding:

Lawyer: Donald Trump called me ‘disgusting’ for request to pump breast milk

Other coverage

Mother Jones: The UN Encourages Breastfeeding. Donald Trump Is Lying About It.

Pew Trusts: The U.S. Targeted Breastfeeding Abroad. Here at Home, It’s Another Story.

Why it would have been wise to call for a vote at the 71st WHA

During the 1994  World Health Assembly, the USA and EU objected to a Resolution calling for an end to donations and discounted sales of formula to health care systems.  When African delegates threatened to call for a roll call (a vote)  all sides withdrew their  objections and global consensus on the code was achieved for the first time.  Our report in Update 14, October 1994 is below.

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