YOU can help protect the health of babies:

CLICK HERE for the text of the Objection that will be voted on 20th January.

CLICK HERE  for WHO commentary on sugar

Ask your MEPs  to vote TOMORROW  to reduce sugar and pesticide levels in baby foods and stop them being promoted for use before 6 months of age. Ask them to vote in favour of Keith Taylor MEP’s Objection pursuant to Rule 105: processed cereal-based food and baby food (ENVI/8/04983).

For contact details for UK MEPs go to:

Outside the UK, find your MEPs by going to:

CLICK HERE  and HERE  for media coverage


CLICK HERE to see how MEPs voted last week

In response to a request from Mr Taylor,  the World Health Organisation provided evidence on the importance of reducing added sugars and also on marketing, explaining that all products that function as breastmilk substitutes, including any milk products (liquid or powdered) that are marketed for young children (including follow-up formula and growing-up milks) are covered by the International Code.


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