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December 2023

Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022

We must close the loophole that facilitates misleading online ads for baby formula

A new Bill making its way through the Dáil offers an historic chance to end baby formula companies’ exploitative practices

Irish Online Safety Code

……Right now, the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill is working through the legislative process in the Dáil. Across a wide spectrum of issues, this Bill offers the promise of creating a safer and more positive online world for children and parents. Tucked away in a small corner of the Bill, a few lines propose a historic opportunity to end the unethical marketing practices of formula milk companies.

Our ask is simple. The Bill must extend the current laws around the advertising of formula milk for babies (0-6 months) to include the digital space. And importantly, it must also strengthen the current legislation by extending the law to other breast-milk substitute drinks for young children under 36 months — as recommended by the UN World Health Assembly. The online world of marketing never sleeps and must stop being an unregulated tool that formula milk companies exploit at will.

We’re Sticking By Alcohol Health Labels, Says Health Minister

We’re sticking by rule to put health labels on alcohol, reveals Stephen Donnelly

Kerry Launch Irish Made infant nutrition product in China.

Irish Aid

Irish Tax Credit

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