Big win over Nestlé – Over 17 years of fighting –  A fight for health food security, human rights, justice and truth

Whistleblowing, Safety and Fraud

Facebook Statement from Yasmine Motarjemi:  I just learned that Nestlé is waiving the federal appeal (see press release below). It goes without saying that what Nestlé says is shameful! Even in their loss, Nestlé didn’t have the elegance to behave themselves. Typical rogue corporate behavior. “First of all, I welcome the decision of the Civil Appeal Court of the Cantonal Court of the Canton of Vaud.”   I thank all the people who have stayed with me in this long fight.
This decision marks the end of a fight with Nestlé 17 years ago, against the harassment of Nestlé management against me. I wish to emphasize that this harassment was implemented against me as a result of malfunctions and violations I raised in the field of health safety of their products. Contrary to Nestlé’s statement, while labor law is involved, harassment stems from issues related to food safety management.
I am appalled that Nestlé considers it protected me when the judiciary has found the exact opposite. So is the moral harassment inflicted upon me which Nestlé firmly and relentlessly disputed throughout the process. Nestlé not only denied any harassment, but also denied any harm and pulled all possible means to nullify any reparations in my favor. The scale of the amount Nestlé was convicted to undeniable shows that Nestlé was incurring countertruths throughout the proceedings. This amount is related to the irreparable impact on my health that I suffered in Nestlé.
Regarding the investigation carried out by the Nestlé Management, which was supposed to have been an instrument of protection in my favor, I simply recall the writings of the Court of Civil Appeal of the Cantonal Court, which called it a “procedure simulator” and another act of harassment. 
Don’t be fooled about Nestlé’s refusal to go to the federal court since it is known that a stay by this authority has a much stronger media and legal impact than a cantonal court ruling and Nestlé probably had no chance of success in the court Federal court. This avoids any risk of federal court jurisprudence on the notion of harassment. “
Statement by Nestle:
“Nestlé finally declines to take over to federal court (TF) as deadline to appeal eludes Thursday. The group intends to put a final end to “this dispute that has lasted almost 12 years, which the company sincerely regrets,” according to a spokesman. In addition, the agri-food giant claims “it has repeatedly tried to find a solution.” We sincerely hope that Madame Motarjemi will be able to go ahead and resume the course of her life,” the spokesman added.
Multinational is not condoning bullying. She, however, maintains her position on her reaction to the case. “We believe that the company took adequate measures to protect Madame Motarjemi’s personality when the case was brought to our attention,” Nestlé stresses. “Several equivalent positions were offered and discussed with her in order to find a solution.” And we have commissioned an independent outside investigator to investigate the situation,” the spokesman defends.
Today, the multinational says it wants to put a final stop to this case, noting that “this is a labor law matter, which does not concern neither food safety nor the quality of our products, which remain our number one priority,” emphasizes Nestlé’s spokesman. “


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