The Journal of Human Lactation has been publishing a series of interviews of people who have been instrumental in the formation of the Code and Resolution.

Here are 3 of the interviews that were conducted by  , IBCLC, BSEd.   The PDF of my interview is available to download for free for several weeks.

Patti Rundall: A Passionate Activist, Full of Energy  and permanent link for institutional Access:

Annelies Allain: Pioneer of the International Code of Marketing of  Breastmilk Substitutes

Lida Lhotska and Judith Richter: Protecting breastfeeding from conflicts of interest  First Published December 9, 2019 Research Article , BSc, PhD, , MSc, MA, PhD, , IBCLC, BSEd

You can find more about the politics of conflicts of interest – at the time when WHO was streamlined to fit with the SDG partnership goal – here.

Press Conference: Health governance in the public interest? WHO redefines conflicts of interest and risks undermining public health mandates, May 2018




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