Some notable Excerpts from Statements made on February 10th 2021


In the context of the negotiation we have expressed the concern that, in the spirit of compromise
the text of the Voluntary Guidelines does not fully reflect the recommendations of mandated
international bodies and normative agencies. This is not going to be beneficial to public health.
Examples include among others
– removing recommendations on ’fiscal policies’ or ‘economic tools that may include taxes and
subsidies’ in the recommendations on improving availability and affordability of food that
contributes to healthy diets
– removing the reference to “subsequent relevant WHA resolutions” in the description of efforts
to support breastfeeding and implementation of the Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes;
– weakening the language to “avoid inappropriate marketing of foods and non-alcoholic
beverages to children”
– the removal of reference to the elimination of use of antimicrobials for growth promotion


Statement from the High Commissioner for Human Rights

“…The Guidelines should have acknowledged and promoted the responsibilities of the States in regulating businesses’ activities to promote the availability and accessibility of healthy diets, including through fiscal incentives and disincentives. In this context, the Guidelines could have stressed the responsibilities of the private sector to do no harm and respect human rights, including the right to food and the right to health of the population at large and of children in particular.”



“…..We respectfully offer three reflections on the development of the guidelines that may be useful to consider in future processes.

“… There is a need for all Members and stakeholders to be mindful of the diversity in national circumstances and not try to insert their preferred approach into every paragraph of a document which, by design, must be adaptable to national contexts when implemented.”




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