Update 15 December 2014Nestle’s forced to remove misleading SMA claims following Baby Milk Action complaint

In October we won a case at the UK Advertising Standards Authority over a misleading promotion for Nestlé SMA Toddler Milk advertising. This had been sent by email to members of the ASDA Baby and Toddler Club.

Misleading advertisement from ASDA and Nestle for SMA toddler mi

Despite the ASA finding the claims in the promotion were misleading and should not be repeated, ASDA has so far refused to send a follow-up email with a correction and an apology. We have a petition campaign calling for it to do so on Change.org

We also found that Nestlé continued to make the false claims on a promotional website and linked to this by a banner advertisement displayed across the internet through Google ads.

We contacted the ASA to inform it that Nestlé was continuing to use the discredited claims.

Nestlé is under investigation. We expect the decision to be published on 10 December.

Companies that ignore ASA rulings can be required to submit advertising for pre-approval. But don’t hold your breath. All too often, decisions are only made after the event, no corrections are issued and no fines levied. So as in this case, companies are not deterred from continuing to mislead the public.

Toddler milks are unnecessary products. Companies are ripping off parents. The claims made for those products often do not stand up to scrutiny – that has been proven. But how many people have heard?

That’s why we ask you to support our campaigns for stronger regulations – and the Nestlé boycott.

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