The carbon footprint of breastmilk substitutes in comparison with breastfeeding
Johan O. Karlsson, Tara Garnett, Nigel C. Rollins, Elin Roos

Carbon Footprint

Taking action now, worldwide – and from birth. First we need to talk about:

  • global heating – not global warming
  • climate emergency – not climate change

The UK and Ireland officially declared an environment and climate emergency in May 2019, followed by Canada declaring a national climate emergency in June 2019.

Below are six advocacy documents for climate activists, politicians and policy-makers, all of whom may be parents.
See below for updated documents November or December 2019:
 ‘Articles on environmental awareness’ :
Thanks to Alison Linnecar and the IBFAN global working group on chemical and microbiological contamination of infant feeding products.
Some older briefings on ecology and environmental campaigning
The Ecological Impact of Bottle-feeding by Andrew Radford  1991
Breastmilk a World Resource  By Andrew Radford
Update 33 2001 (page 8) Environmental Campaigning and the risks to infant health
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