Patti Rundall, Policy Director, on the invitation of the Government of Ecuador,  speaks on Conflicts of Interest at the Hunger Conference in Cuenca.

Asking Rosalia Serranio, former President of Ecuador, about the need to keep educationfree from commercial influence

The Third Zero Hunger Summit brought together experts from 35 countries and nine presidents to analyze mechanisms to combat nutrition problems in the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca.

Several former presidents, including Oscar Arias (Costa Rica) and Nobel Peace Prize winner 1987, as well as José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (Spain) , Felipe Calderón (Mexico) and César Gaviria (Colombia). In addition, Laura Chinchilla (Costa Rica), Eduardo Frei (Chile), Eduardo Duhalde (Argentina), Hipolito Mejia (Dominican Republic) and Rosalía Arteaga (Ecuador).

Monica Martínez Menduiño and Patti during the conference.

Meeting with Paul Carrasco Carpio, the Prefect of Azuay (the Ecuador Province hosting the Zero Hunger Summit) after the conference. Angelique Amory, IBFAN representative in Ecuador, Maria Cecilia Vasquez Rojas of the Azuay Prefectura and myself Patti Rundall for IBFAN.


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