With so much heartache in the news caused by lack of attention to prevention measures – this is a good time to read   Prevention Diaries: The Practice and Pursuit of Health for All  by Larry Cohen, Executive Director of the Prevention Institute in Oakland California.



“This is a wonderful collection of inspiring stories that gives me hope for the future!   Each chapter starts with a personal account illustrating that prevention is a no-brainer when it comes to health policy setting. Larry dips into a lifetime’s experience of nurturing community-wide human solutions – many of which have grown into state, federal and even global policies that have had a powerful and enduring influence on all our lives. For those of us tackling the global corporations who now seem to be ruling the world and undermining our confidence in real food, his optimism is infectious. This is truly a must-read book for anyone interested in human health – and happiness! ”  


The book is intended for the general public, and anyone interested in public health, medicine, social work, policy, urban planning and a variety of other fields.

Here’s how you can connect with Prevention Diaries:  

The book website provides updates and discussion questions for classes or book groups.  Discounts of 20% to 50% possible for 10 or more copies through Oxford Press. All book royalties will go to the Beverly Coleman Miller Fellowship fund for equity and prevention.


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