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Letter to PM and SoS for International Trade on US talks and Covid-19 epidemic

26 March 2020

Dear Prime Minister and Secretary of State for International Trade,

The United States Trade Representative announced on 23 March 2020 that “both the United States and the United Kingdom are committed to starting trade negotiations as soon as possible”, and the UK government has similarly signaled its desire to begin and conclude negotiations soon. This is despite the Covid-19 pandemic which has created a public health crisis and associated government response in both the UK and the US.... For more


In response to the publication of the UK government’s negotiating objectives, Global Justice Now is launching a new e-action and briefing on the implications to the NHS.  GJN is asking people to ask their MPs to write to Liz Truss about the key threats to the NHS.  Do promote on your social media channels if you can.

Action: https://act.globaljustice.org.uk/protect-our-nhs-trade-deal-trump

Briefing: https://www.globaljustice.org.uk/resources/us-uk-trade-deal-threats-nhs-and-drug-pricing

Blogpost: https://www.globaljustice.org.uk/blog/2020/mar/4/dont-be-fooled-governments-pledge-keep-nhs-out-trump-trade-deal-these-are-just-empty

Tweet: https://twitter.com/GlobalJusticeUK/status/1235170592825004033

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/globaljusticeuk/posts/10157520656567034


Useful articles on UK US trade deals by the Trade Justice Movement and Global Justice Now

The Guardian: It’s not just chlorinated chicken: five foods a US trade deal could bring to the UK

The Independent:  US-UK trade deal: Four things you might have missed

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