Screenshot 2016-06-19 10.15.24We are all devastated by the awful news of the murder of Jo Cox  MP (nee Leadbeater) on Thursday, 16th June.  Baby Milk Action has a lot to thank her for.
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Jo was political advisor to Glenys Kinnock when Glenys was an MEP so we interacted many times on our joint campaigns to bring more transparency to the EU’s scientific advice,  bring the EU legislation more in line with the International Code and Resolutions and defend children’s rights to health.  It was wonderful to have such an intelligent, understanding person answering the phone. I often referred to Jo, when bemoaning some MEPs  who just had an answerphone!
When Jo moved to OXFAM in 2002 she oversaw our funding for several years, arguing our case against all the pressures.
So along with all who knew and loved her – her family, Brendan and the children – we are immensely saddened by her death.   I’m sure there are hundreds of other NGOs with similar stories. MPs that have such a good global perspective are so valuable.
For  what its worth, while Baby Milk Action  has more reason that many to complain about the EU – I personally believe its more important to stay in and try to make it better, hold the Commission to its stated principles,  etc.  Its obvious that Jo felt that too.
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