The Nestlé boycott puts pressure on the world’s largest baby food company to market its products in line with international minimum standards.

The boycott focuses on Nestlé’s main brand: Nescafé coffee. Nestlé has today announced a global promotion for Nescafé, giving boycott supporters have new opportunities to promote the boycott.

NescafeŽ - No Thanks cardYou can use resources such as our Nescafé – No thanks cards to explain the boycott and spread the word.

Nestlé executives put company profits before the health and well-being of babies and their families, contributing to unnecessary death and suffering. So to increase the financial pressure, we list all products from which Nestlé profits and encourage people to boycott as many as they can.

You can declare your home or workplace a Nestlé-Free Zone.

The boycott: it all begins with a Nescafé.

Coincidentally, Nestlé has just announced the slogan for its first global marketing campaign for Nescafé coffee, will be:

It all begins with a Nescafé.

So watch out for Nestlé’s marketing campaign and use it as an opportunity to tell people:

The boycott: it all begins with a Nescafé.

We welcome logos and designs to help spread the message. You can find other resources on our Nestlé-Free Zone page.

See our boycott successes page to see how the boycott helps force changes in company policies and practices.

Nestlé’s new marketing campaign should provide lots of opportunities to promote the boycott. Here is Nestlé’s announcement:

Nescafé, the world’s first instant coffee and the fifth most valuable food and drink brand, is launching a unified, global look and feel across all products in the 180 countries where the coffee is sold.

It is the first time in the brand’s 75-year history that each and every Nescafé product will share the same visual identity and use the same new slogan: “It all begins with a Nescafé”.

“Nescafé is our largest single brand, a CHF 10 bn brand, and one of the cornerstones of our company. It is a symbol of Nestlé all around the world,” said Patrice Bula, Nestlé’s Global Head of Marketing.

The unified approach to packaging design, communication and digital strategy for Nescafé, drunk at a rate of 5,500 cups each second, will feature several key design elements developed with new, younger consumers in mind.

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