On 16th October the Green Party registered an objection to the three Delegated Acts.
Commission Delegated Regulations of 25.9.2015 supplementing Regulation (EU) No 609/2013 of the EP and Council as regards infant formula, follow-on formula, c(2015) 6478, food for special medical purposes, c(2015) 6482, processed cereal-based food and baby food C(2015) 6507.
Here is the rationale:
That it is scientific consensus that breast milk is the preferred food for all healthy infants.
The World Health Assembly’s ‘International Code of marketing of breast milk substitutes’, endorsed by all EU MS, is designed to ensure that all parents receive objective and truly independent information, to remove obstacles to breastfeeding and to ensure that breast milk substitutes are used safely if needed.
The draft delegated act undermines the International Code, and will make it difficult for MS to implement it effectively.
It does not contain sufficient provisions to prevent unfair competition with breastfeeding.
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