Click HERE for Mike Brady’s Campaign Blog for some interesting background to this story including links to Nestlé sponsorship of the Brazilian Pediatric Association.
CLICK Here for a story in Update 46 about how Nestlé and other companies target pregnant and nursing women with formulas and supplements.
Your child eats what you eat’: Shocking ads see babies suckling on breasts painted to look like unhealthy treats to warn mothers about the dangers of their bad food habits

Thanks to one of our Board members,  Susan Last of  the Lonely Scribe – for spotting  this  article in today’s Daily Mail about a campaign in Brazil. It is supposedly designed to alert Brazilian Pediatricians to the harm caused by junk food – but unfortunately chooses breastfeeding as the vehicle to expose the risks. Susan reports that breastfeeding peer supporters hear mothers say they’ve not breastfed (or stopped early) because their own diets are poor, or who are worried about the quality and quantity of their milk because of their own diet. Many breastfeeding mothers also worry that certain foods (dairy products, leafy greens, spicy food etc) will affect their babies’ behaviour.

Another Board Member, Phyll Buchanan,  of the Breastfeeding network,  recalls a mother  calling the BFN  helpline to ask about stopping breastfeeding because she was eating too much junk food – burgers and donuts.  She was worried about her diet harming her baby. She thought these foods went straight into her milk once they were digested.    Another local mother stopped breastfeeding so she could drink more cola.   Phyll comments that many women don’t understand how food gets digested and into the blood stream, never mind how milk is made.
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