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Andy Paterson (Producer, writer) Cat Villers (Producer) Patti Rundall, Adil Hussain (actor playing the Nestlé character Bilal), Achin Jain (Executive Producer) at the London Indian Film Festival showing of Tigers at PictureHouse Central, Leicester Square.19th July.


It was wonderful to see two other people at the Tigers Picturehouse Central showing: Chloe Fisher is a Baby Milk Action advisor and  has probably  done more that anyone else to alert midwives to  the importance of getting the baby onto the breast comfortably. It was also great to see  Victoria Chetley – Andy Chetley’s daughter. Andy was the author of the Baby Killer Scandal and one of the prime movers and founders of Baby Milk Action and IBFAN. Andy Chetley  sadly died 3 years ago,

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