what’s Nestlé up to now?

Join Mark Thomas, Geoff Atkinson and I for a look back over the years. The YouTube film will be available from the 25th April for one week.  TICKETS £5 Move to the second hour for the Nestlé section

20 yrs ago,  Mark Thomas Comedy Product show highlighted Nestle’s harmful baby food marketing on C4. Join him for Vintage Cuts looking back, plus other exposés of corporate and govt wrongdoing. Plus @pattirundall provides an update on the situation today

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How companies exploit the COVID-19 crisis

April sees the last broadcast in the series of clips from the Mark Thomas Comedy Product show: It is the Vintage Cuts from MTCP series 4,5 and 6. And it seems a fitting way to finish a year of livestreams – chasing arms dealers as normal, going after Nestle and Adidas, managing to get inside Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment and invading the Millennium Dome, all peppered with politicians and CEOs

The show celebrates stand up, stunts, stories and mayhem and even gets a few results.

One of the good things about lockdown has been hooking up with my old series producer Geoff Atkinson who presents Best Before with me. We have essentially turned into anarchist versions of Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show. Introducing clips, talking with special guests, explaining the background to the stories and maliciously gossiping about the government.


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