Have you seen posters or been given leaflets promoting follow-on formula or growing-up and toddler milks?

We have evidence of companies paying nurseries to display these – are they targeting children’s centres too?

If you work at a children’s centre, have you been invited to attend a company ‘study day’?

This is a company strategy to promote brand names and products to health workers.

Baby food companies make misleading claims about their products to boost sales.

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld complaints about false advertising from Danone and Nestlé.

For example, they give the impression that babies have to be fed on growing up milks or their health could suffer.

  • False claims about Nestlé SMA Toddler Milk: A14-263404.
  • False claims about Danone’s Growing-up Milk: A13-238372.

Contact us if you find these or other companies active in your area.

Say NO to formula company sponsorship and look to independent information.

See our poster with independent sources of information.

As an alternative to misleading claims from formula companies, you could display our breastfeeding calendar.

Or show that you ‘Say NO to formula company sponsorship’ with a fridge magnet or mug.

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    One thought on “Wanted – are formula companies targeting your local children’s centre or nursery?

    • 09/01/2015 at 11:17 am

      I work at a Children’s Centre and I have attended two study sessions hosted by HIPP organic, they have a website called the HIPP hub where these study days are advertised I was asked to attend by my line manager but I am not sure if she was ‘recruited’ directly by HIPP organic. The various speakers were academics speaking about research they have done for their respective institution’s rather than HIPP organic and I did not necessarily feel they were giving formula the hard sell; however, the topics were obliquely related to formula feeding the most recent being ‘Food, mood and children’s behaviour’ led by Dr Alex Richardson of Oxford University this focussed on the benefits of Omega 3. I do not have the details of the previous study day I attended to hand but there was a talk on Fussy eating; one on Faltering growth and safeguarding; one on milk allergies and finally a presentation from Action for Children on the Nurse Family Partnership scheme pilot run in York . I have approached the study days with a degree of scepticism but the content was useful as a starting point following which I have done further reading . As someone passionate about supporting long-term Breastfeeding they certainly didn’t change my opinions on this. There were promotional materials available but we are a baby friendly children’s centre so I wouldn’t dream of handing them out at work. I hope this is useful, I think these study days are problematic if not approached with scepticism but they are offering the ‘carrot’ of free training when children’s centre training budgets are compromised.


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