Framework Conventions – are they a good idea?

Some NGOs are proposing the idea of a Global Convention to Protect and Promote Healthy Diets.

Although IBFAN totally supports the idea of legally binding controls and is strongly behind the Treaty Alliance for a Business and Human Rights Convention,  I do think its  important to think this one through.

Getting the International Code and WHA Resolutions adopted and into effective  legislation was and still is a major struggle – primarily because of corporate opposition and lobbying.

Before embarking on a new Convention surely there needs to be a very clear process governing interactions with corporations. It is what is meant to be happening in the WHO Reform process,  where  instead major fudging and  the ‘multi-stakeholderisation’ of governance is being pushed as the ideal by the corporations.  

If they win, there will be a high probability of inappropriate  corporate involvement. In such a climate a proposal for a  Convention needs to be strong and unequivocal at the outset,  if it’s not to be ‘neutered’ on in its long journey to adoption. 

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