Codex FOPNL CSO Statement FINAL

For Immediate Release:


  • This week (13-17 May 2019) the Codex Alimentarius1Committee on Food Labelling (CCFL) will begin formal negotiations on guiding principles for the development of front-of-pack nutritition labelling (FOPNL) in Ottawa, Canada.


  • Approximately 250 representatives from 60 national governments, dozens of food industry associations, and a handful of officially recognized health and consumer groups are expected to convene to significantly advance a process that began in May 2016.


  • Public health and consumer rights organizations have signed a statement calling for the development of Codex front-of-pack guidelines that are government mandated, that guarantee the right to health, are aligned with World Health Organization recommendations, protect country’s soveign right to develop a FOPNL that is most suitable to their country’s needs and responsive to their disease burdens, and that protect against conflict of interest and industry interference.


  • Historically, codex processes have been marred by industry interference, often leading to the development of standards that prioritize trade over consumer health. This is important because these standards are used by the World Trade Organization for resolving trade disputes.


  • Similarly, the development of FOPNL policies around the world has been challenged by the interests of the Big Food & Beverage industry, it is critical that Codex Alimentarius guidelines on FOPNL are developed to protect consumers’ not corporate interests.


1 The Codex Alimentarius is a joint-commission of the United Nations World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization.


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