I attended the debate on the EAT-Lancet Commission’s report on sustainable health and planetary boundaries on 20th February  2019.  The report recommends radical changes to a low meat/high veg diet and more sustainable, extensive farming practices.

You can also watch the livestream replay here. I managed to get a question in right at the end (1.10) To keep updated with FFCC work, sign up to their newsletter here.

  • Helen Browning talked about a new European model set out in the recent IDDRI report released by the Soil Association.
  • Dr Marco Springmann presented UK data on what the EAT-Lancet approach would mean for our diet, emissions and mortality risk(find slides here)
  • Dr Alison Tedstone said we need to go beyond dietary guidelines and change needs to cover the food system as a whole
  • Baroness Rosie Boycott highlighted the urgent need for change, saying that 2050 is too late
  • Prof Tim Lang and Sandro Demaio also gave presentations.

Find more information and comment here:

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