Thanks to Marsha Walker, National Alliance for Breastfeeding Action for this message:

New legislative action  in the US at the federal level is being proposed following the recent actions of the US government’s interference with the 2018 WHA breastfeeding resolution. In an opinion article in The Hill, criticism is leveled regarding the administration’s stance on its defiance of international policy regarding the Code. See

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California) has introduced a resolution into Congress that has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. See

This is a simple resolution, not a bill. A simple resolution, H. Res. or S. Res., is a proposal that addresses matters entirely within the prerogative of one Chamber or the other. It requires neither the approval of the other Chamber nor the signature of the President, and it does not have the force of law. Simple resolutions concern the rules of one Chamber or express the sentiments of a single Chamber.

This represents an opportunity for the breastfeeding community to contact their federal representative in Congress and ask that they sign on as a co-sponsor of this resolution. Exposure of this resolution and increasing the number of co-sponsors may help reverse the damaging actions against breastfeeding protection that have occurred under the current administration.


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