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Join Latin American organizations from over 20 countries who are calling upon the FIFA and its Human Rights Advisory Board to end unhealthy product sponsorship, such as SSB product brands like Coca-Cola, from the 2018 World Cup (and future World Cups!)

Sponsors include consumer rights, children’s rights and public health organizations such as CLAS, Corporate Accountability, OCLAC, REDLAMYC, the Nutritional Health Alliance of Mexico, the Alliance for Adequate and Healthy Food of Brazil, Educar Consumidores of Colombia, ASPEC from Peru, and more.

The petition will be live through the final game of the World Cup on July 15.



-See petition attached and/or the link to the petition in English (at same site, Spanish or Portuguese option can be selected)

– The petition page includes the promotional video in all three languages but also available here in English:

Sample Tweets

  1. Join the petition to call on @FIFAWorldCup to end Coca-Cola’s #WorldCup sponsorship
  2. Our children deserve healthy environments! Join the petition for @FIFAWorldCup to end Coca-Cola’s #WorldCup sponsorship
  3. Support healthier environments for our children! Sign the petition to end Coca-Cola’s sponsorship of sports events like #WorldCup
  4. Nonsensical! Coca-Cola sponsors the #WorldCup while the world faces a global obesity crisis. Ask @FIFAWorldCup to contribute to healthier environments by ending Coca-Cola’s sponsorship.

Sample text in English for an e-bulletin or similar

-Urge FIFA to remove Coca-Cola and all unhealthy product sponsorship from the World Cup!

-We’re joining organizations in Latin American from over 20 different countries concerned about the global obesity and diabetes epidemics.

-Sign the petition to call upon the FIFA to remove sponsorship of Coca-Cola and all unhealthy products from the 2018 World Cup. [Hyperlink to the petition URL in English to be inserted at the words petition drive]

Digital banners and GIFs

– Digital banners and GIFs available in English, Spanish and Portuguese for use on social media upon request. Please email:  Rebecca Berner at <>

Press Release

– Press release from Latin American organizations available in Spanish and Portuguese also on request. Please email Rebecca Berner at  <>



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