Changes to the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

IBFAN together with 4 other breastfeeding organisations ( WABA, ILCA, LLLI and the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Network of Industrialized Nations, Central and Eastern European Nations and Independent States (BFHI Network) have worked over the past months on the proposed BFHI changes by WHO and UNICEF. We are informing our networks about the changes to the BFHI that WHO and UNICEF have proposed and the modifications we have achieved.

IBFAN’s contribution to the collaborative efforts have included an extension to the consultation deadline, a face to face meeting with WHO during the Executive Board meeting and the many edits and recommendations to strengthen the initiative. We are pleased that the re organization of the Ten Steps did not happen and that the Step 9 remains, although needing more work. We are also pleased that the International Code and WHA resolutions is now in Step 1 as part of a breastfeeding support policy.

We are continuing our efforts to ensure the best possible
outcome for this important initiative.

The links to the details are in the information letter in English,
French, Spanish and Italian (Portuguese will follow)  to update our
constituencies can be read at:





For more information please contact:
Elisabeth Sterken

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    • 13/10/2021 at 7:11 pm

      I woyld like to be informed for any new reccomendations about the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.


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