IBFAN’s new comment on the revision of the Follow-up Standard (Codex Stan 156-1987)

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Codex paper  

IBFAN’s point by point comments on Follow-up Formula  CLICK HERE

IACFO’s comments are the same as IBFAN’s  CLICK HERE

 IBFAN’s Codex Working Group has prepared a briefing paper to highlight our recommendations for the revision of the Codex Follow-up Formula  standard (Codex Stan 156-1987) at the 39th Codex nutrition meeting to be held in Berlin, 4-8th December.

The briefing highlights the need:

  •  to safeguard the health of older infants and young children;
  •  to ensure policy coherence between Member State decisions at WHA and FAO (the Codex parent UN agencies) and Codex standards and guidelines;
  • to highlight our concerns that the proliferation of standards risks increased trade and marketing of unnecessary and risky products.
  • to ensure that formulas targeting babies 6-36months are noted as being unnecessary, that all are Breastmilk Substitutes and all come under the scope of the International Code and subsequent relevant WHA resolutions and should not be promoted.
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