Baby Milk Action has decided not to publish a position on Brexit, but here’s a short summary of my personal view.

With just one day to go before the vote tomorrow, its shocking that  most of the debate has revolved around just two  issues: immigration and the economy – with the underlying text that most EU regulation is not necessary.

We have as much reason as any to complain about the EU and have for over 30 years, since the early 80s,  tried to improve it: reminding the Commission of its obligation to protect human rights, to stand up to corporate power and consider its global impact. We’ve helped bring in EU laws that – although not nearly as strong as we wanted – have improved the safety of  baby food products and curbed some harmful marketing.  In 2000 our exposure of the lack of transparency of its scientific advisory bodies resulted in important changes, and in 2007 we reported an EU Commission staffer to the European Ombudsman.  So we’ve  done our share of complaining, criticising and strengthening safeguards,  with Jo Cox (then Leadbeater) and Glenys Kinnock as allies through much of this struggle. Now –  as George Monbiot (15th June 2016) so rightly said – with the threat of TTIP – there are huge risks whatever we do.   But  one thing seems certain.  The Brexiters who are dominating the airwaves show no sign of   wanting, or being able, to bring in the legally binding human rights protection from transnational abuses we all need.


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    • 24/06/2016 at 1:07 pm

      Dear Patti, although in Latin America, the South, we have been following the sad news that resulted in Brexit victory. I am perplex.

      If you agree, I will translate into Portuguese your considerations above to share with our IBFANers here.


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