A proposal to recognize investment in breastfeeding as a carbon offset

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In the news: “Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) is expected to criticize the Food and Drug Administration for “failing to do the bare minimum to carry out its core mission”… According to excerpts from his prepared remarks, the House Oversight Committee chair will say the agency “appears consistently unprepared for crises,” naming the infant formula recall that spurred a nationwide shortage and persistent shortages of drugs to treat cancer and infections.”




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‘Behind the real face of ‘Tigers’ – Syed Aamir Raza  Maitri Porecha

In Emraan Hashmi’s ‘Tigers’, a fight against a corporation that took 12 years to hit the screens


Nestle drops scientific meeting on baby food

Emraan Hashmi’s Tigers to premiere on ZEE5

Conflict of interest stories:

Cancer Doctor Resigns After Failing to Disclose Industry Ties

C4 Breastfeeding Uncovered.  CLICK HERE

US pressure on Ecuador to drop its support for the World Health Assembly Resolution. There has been an unprecedented amount of media coverage about this story  (over 600 online editorial articles and about  900 social media posts)  After the well researched front page article in the New York Times (online on Sunday 8th July, hard copy 9th July) the story was boosted by  President Trump tweeting that it was all ‘Fake News’.   Here are just some.  First a great summary on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert  Jul 11, 2018.   Click HERE for more and  HERE for the latest.  CLICK HERE for just some of the US coverage.


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French Government calls for global withdrawal of Lactalis formulas

CLICK HERE WHO in the claws of  the lobbyists?  This documentary film by Arte was broadcast in 2017 and is now available on Youtube.  This is a hard hitting film featuring Patti Rundall and several IBFAN partners

Fortification: Too Much of a Good Thing?

The rise in fortification interventions since the establishment of the Scaling Up Nutrition and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) has been dramatic – and has given the ultra-processed food corporations a big boost.

BBC World Service broadcast a programme today in its series: The Food Chain.  In Fortification: Too Much of a Good Thing presenter Emily Thomas did some great  interviews: Nestlé tried to pretend that its fortification claims were not really selling points, that noodles are better than crisps,  that if you add vegetables they are ‘home made’ and that post-market surveillance of impact is too tricky when there are so many products on the market; Lawrence Haddad (CEO of GAIN) claimed many things including that having junk food companies on its Board didn’t really matter because GAIN’s agenda is set  by hundreds of other people, Mark Lawrence,  Public Health Nutritionist,  Deakin University, Australia  and Prof Barrie Margetts, Southampton University gave great summaries of the rise of voluntary fortification – how the onus has shifted to public health bodies to prove harm,  how the risks of fortification – especially on junk foods – might outweigh any benefits and could be displacing wholesome foods.  Gordon Paulson from the Federation of Master Bakers clarified that by law in the UK no nutrition claims are made on bread that is fortified by law  – since all the products are the same.
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29 September – Express Tribune (Pakistan): The ‘tiger’ who exposed Nestlé’s formula scandal in Pakistan

10 September 2014 – Examiner.comNew international film exposes Nestle’s deadly practices

30 July 2014 – Nutraingredients: Baby Milk Action quoted in article on Danone rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority for misleading claims.

1 June 2014 – Sunday HeraldConference is axed in Nestle sponsor furore

19 May 2014 – Dairyreporter: Infant formula marketing practices behind breastfeeding declined – IBFAN

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