Hipp is found to break baby food marketing rules around the world (Breaking the Rules 2014 contains a 13-page report on Hipp violations).

Hipp rule breakerIn the UK, Hipp is particularly aggressive in targeting pregnant women and new mothers with its baby club. For example, it promises them ‘brainier babies’.

In the past, we have exposed how Hipp has even targeted parents at registry offices when they go to register the birth.

In a new development, Hipp is targeting health workers with sponsored events. This seems to be a reaction to Nestlé’s entry into the UK following its takeover of the SMA brand at the end of 2012. Nestlé and its main global rival, Danone, have stepped up targeting of health workers. Now Hipp is getting in on the act.

The National Autism Society complained in May 2014 that Hipp had used its logo to promote an event without permission.

These sponsored events are an attempt to bypass the restrictions many health facilities have on company representatives entering their premises.

For further information, see our poster Health workers, conflicts of interest and the baby feeding industry.

Forthcoming events are listed below.

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London, Tuesday 2nd December, 6 pm.

Royal College of Surgeons of England
35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields