BTR 2014 in briefBTR: in Brief is the abridged version of Breaking the Rules 2014 (BTR), a 237-page monitoring report which describes evidence of 813 Code violations, from 81 countries, collected between Jan 2011 and Dec 2013.

BTR: in Brief (40 pages) is available free as an electronic pdf file (4.6 Mbytes).

Click here to download the pdf version of Breaking the Rules 2014 in brief

The Rules are the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent World Health Assembly resolutions (the Code), which are the yardstick to measure compliance by all companies in all countries.

While violations in the full BTR report are listed by 27 companies. BTR: in Brief is organised by theme.

Violations are listed by Code articles:

• Promotion to mothers and in shops;

• Promotion to health workers and in health facilities;

• Labels that violate the Code, and a special section on:

• Inappropriate marketing;

• Feeding bottles and teats.

Some pages focus on campaigns, like the way companies ride on other pages highlight specific regions, such as, “Look what They’re Doing in China”.

Finally, there are a few entries that “Stretch the Rules”.

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