IBFAN’s World Breastfeeding Conference in Cairo organised by IBFAN ARAB WORLD

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The IBFAN Codex team will arrive in Cairo straight after a dramatic week in Germany with the finalisation of the Follow-up formula standard.  Among the 70 speakers at the Conference is Steve Wearne, Chairperson of Codex Alimentarius Commission, who will give his perspective on the role of Codex and global trade  in today’s world.
Check out the WBC4 AGENDA for the wide range of topics that  include:  breastfeeding in emergencies, contamination of formula,  ultra-processed foods,  the Business of Malnutrition  –   you really can’t afford to miss it

Other speakers include

  • Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization
  • Catherine Russell, Executive Director of UNICEF
  • Dr Chris van Tulleken, TV Doctor, will talk about ultra-processed foods and the
  • Dr Vandana Shiva, Global leader in environmental activism
  • Dr Nigel Rollins  WHO, will talk about the Lancet Breastfeeding Series 2023
  • Prof Anna Coutsoudis, whose groundbreaking research changed policies on HIV and exclusive breastfeeding will bring us up-to date


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