STOP PRESS:  April  2020Vimeo removes the film “trustWHO” which depicts the hidden practices of the WHO

Trust WHO: The Business of Global Health

Investigating the hidden motives behind actions of the World Health Organisation and the real powers that control it.

Available now to buy or rent from these video on demand platforms:





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A 47 minutes version of the movie ‘Trust WHO’ by German filmmaker Lilian Franck is currently available on the Al Jazeera website: together with a related short article. “Is the WHO sick?”

The film reveals clandestine influences by the tobacco, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries on the organization. She shows a frightening portrayal of our present society, in which governmental politics is becoming obsolete.” (IMDb)

The other movie made by Arte  “WHO – in the clutches of lobbyists?” is  available  on YouTube HERE


Patti Rundall of Baby Milk Action appears in both films.


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