Baby Milk Action press release 7 July 2014

Baby Milk Action Campaigns Coordinator and Policy Director at thThe Tour de France is visiting Cambridge today and is sponsored by Nestlé Perrier Vittel bottled water, presenting an ideal opportunity for campaign group Baby Milk Action to promote the boycott of Nestlé over its irresponsible marketing of baby milk.

Picture: Baby Milk Action’s Campaigns Coordinator, Mike Brady, and Policy Director, Patti Rundall OBE, preparing to spread the word, across the road from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Street.

Mike Brady said:

‘We were so pleased to hear this historic event was visiting Cambridge and would pass by our office, but then we learned it was being used by Nestlé to promote its bottled water. So we just had to counter Nestlé’s attempt at boosting its image – and sales – by reminding people about its baby milk marketing malpractice. Nestlé’s involvement in bottled water is as controversial as its aggressive marketing of baby milk. We encourage any good causes looking to corporate sponsorship to put ethical policies in place so they do not become tainted by association with companies that abuse human rights and the environment.’

Tour de France cyclists

For a list of Nestlé’s main brands, see the Nestlé boycott product list.

Read an overview of the Nestlé boycott over the company’s baby milk marketing practices.

Read about the harmful impact of Nestlé’s water bottling activities on communities.

Left: the Tour de France passes outside Baby Milk Action’s office.

For further information contact Mike Brady at

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