Hollie McNish

Hollie is one of Britain’s most exciting poets, winning the Ted Hughes prize for her collection, Nobody Told Me and currently touring her new book, Plum. Her poem Embarrassed, about her own experiences of breastfeeding in public, which also touched on issues such as the aggressive marketing of breastmilk substitutes and the unnecessary death and suffering this causes, has been viewed over seven million times online.

Hollie says:

“I think Baby Milk Action is so under-rated and so so needed. I didn’t know about them when I had my baby and I wish I had. An organisation dedicated to making it as easy as possible for parents to feed their babies as safely as they can. Without their massive and ongoing efforts to keep a check on formula company misinformation, and to advocate for safer infant feeding policies, I think we’d be in a lot more trouble and having a much more difficult time raising our kids.”

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Gabrielle Palmer

Gabrielle Palmer, nutritionist and author of the groundbreaking Politics of Breastfeeding, a book that has never been out of print since it was first published in 1988. Gabrielle was a founder of Baby Milk Action.