How marketing of feeding products for infants and young children in the UK breaks the rules

lwtduk17coversmBaby Milk Action’s monitoring report shows how formula, feeding bottle and teat companies and retailers market their products.   Click here for a report by First Steps Nutrition Trust on Danone

Click on the links below to download free preview pdfs. Further company profiles will be added over the coming days.

Introduction – Contents:

  • Feeding products marketed for infants and young children
  • Independent information for families
  • The marketing rules that apply
  • Key provisions of the International Code and Resolutions compared with UK Regulations
  • Profiles of baby feeding companies (overview)

Formula companies

  • Aptamil and Cow & Gate brands (Danone)
    • Promotion to the public – Notable marketing claims: When babies are happy on the inside, they’re happy on the outside
    • Promotion to health workers (coming soon).
  • Kendamil brand (Kendal Nutricare) – Company response: It will change labels, end sponsorship and no longer target toddler groups – full statement.
  • Mamia brand (Aldi) – Notable marketing claims: Unique blend – suitable for combination and bottle-fed babies.

Feeding bottle and teat companies

  • Chicco – Notable marketing claims: The natural way – as mother’s breast
  • Medela – Notable marketing claims: Designed to ease the transition from breast to bottle and back again
  • Minbie – Notable marketing claims: Introduce it as early as day 1 – Nurtures a proper breastfeeding latch. Company response: Company defends marketing strategy as supporting breastfeeding – full statement.
  • NUK – Notable marketing claims: Natural – Optimal combination of breast and bottle feeding UPDATE: NUK to drop false “clinically proven” claim plus Managing Director responds to monitoring report – Advertising Standards Authority and company responses.


  • Aldi – Also markets its own-brand Mamia infant formula.
  • Boots – Notable promotions: New, New, New. Baby Event. 2 for £15.
  • Morrisons – Notable practices: Combiotic formula for 5p and “Before you go” offers
  • Mothercare – Notable marketing claims: Effectively combine breast & bottle feeding

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