New publication –   the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2o15
This includes three articles contributed by IBFAN.
  1. The Business of Malnutrition: The perfect public relations cover for big food  by Patti Rundall, Policy Director, Baby Milk Action, UK   Business of Malnutrition, RTF
  2. The Origins of ‘Multi-Stakeholderism’—Why Words Matter  by Lida Lhotska, IBFAN –GIFA  (inside the above article)
  3. Nutrition policies taken hostage by multinationals and conflicts of interest: the obesity and diabetes epidemic in Mexico by Marcos Arana Cedeño and Xaviera Cabada from IBFAN LAC Obesity in Mexico RTF
The Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2105 was released on 12th October at FAO HQ in Rome. A brief news about the launch is available at:
The whole document is available at:
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