Baby Milk Action is very grateful to members of the public who report cases of aggressive marketing of baby milks, baby foods and feeding bottles and teats to us.

Some of these we take up with the companies involved, Trading Standards and/or the Advertising Standards Authority.

]All information is useful for monitoring reports that we use to show policy makers how companies break UK regulations and the international minimum standards they should also follow.

We will be submitting monitoring evidence to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child shortly. This will be reviewing human rights abuses in the UK. The Committee has twice called on the UK Government to improve regulations and enforcement after receiving our evidence of systematic violations of the marketing rules.

To help us produce our monitoring report you can:

  1. Continue to submit reports of violations to us.
  2. Volunteer to help collate information.
  3. Order our monitoring kit to learn more about what companies can and cannot do.
  4. Take our online monitoring course (2 modules currently available to members/subscribers).
  5. Donate to make this work possible.

We will make the monitoring report publicly available later in the year.


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