The UN committee that deals with trade – the Codex Committee on Nutrition – will be meeting  in Berlin from 24th -30th November 2018. 

This is a critically important meeting for child health and IBFAN and partner NGOs will do our best to support WHO and its call for strong marketing and food safety controls.

Under the new US administration, many of the safeguards that have been adopted at the World Health Assembly and integrated into the various trading standards over decades are now under threat – as the US calls for standards to be lowered to meet the needs of food and agriculture corporations.

Although the US is certainly not the only state to support corporate positions, but as the world’s most powerful nation, when its uses this power to put pressure on Ecuador to drop its support for the WHA Resolution, it matters and has a resounding impact on other less powerful countries.  No wonder there were 600 editorials after the NYT expose and President Trumps ‘Fake News’ Tweet.

The US  started calling for the removal of the WHA Resolutions at the Codex meeting last December, and in June this year argued again that they were not needed.

This is really serious and takes us right back to the days when the Code was first adopted. Please urge your government to call for more – not less – protection – sharing  IBFAN position papers

Agenda and Codex background papers.

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