Last year the EU Parliament objected to the levels of sugar in baby food and called for baby foods to be labelled from 6 months.  Below is the rough schedule for what will happen now. Certainly nothing very fast!
On the labelling part of the Parliament’s resolution, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has been asked by the European Commission to update the scientific opinion on the appropriate age for introduction of complementary feeding of infants. They are expected publish this opinion by the end of Sept 2018.
On the general  review of Directive 2006/125/EC, the Joint Research Centre has been asked by the Commission to carry out a study on processed cereal-based food and baby food that can feed into the preparation of this update. The JRC  will study the baby foods on the market and existing national and international food based dietary guidelines and recommendations in the context of infant and young child feeding. It will also look at the issue of sugar and is expected to report at the end of March 2018. (The JRC study will form the basis of Commission discussions with Member States.)
Following on from the JRC study, expected by the end of March 2018, EFSA, will be asked, in its role as risk assessor, if and how the consumption by infants and young children of processed cereal-based foods and baby foods with a given composition, as recommended by the JRC study,  is compatible with a balanced diet.
Once EFSA has completed its assessment, only then will the Commission put forward a draft delegated act on processed cereal-based foods.
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