Romanian Parliament votes to introduce a strong new law 

Updated February 2017

The Romanian Parliament voted 1 year ago to introduce a new law that is significantly stronger than specified by EU Regulations.  The law is due to come into effect  in April.

This is a very much needed development and we congratulate all who were involved.

CLICK HERE   or romanian-draft  for the notification and text of the law on the EU Commission’s DG Grow website.  Because there have been comments by: Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom and a detailed opinion by: Austria and France the standstill period has been extended for a further three months to 18th April.   It is not possible for us to see these comments, but hopefully Romania has all the information it needs to   respond to any challenge.

From the media coverage its clear that the baby food  industry has not found any legal grounds to complain about your law   CLICK HERE  and HERE.   It is true that Nutrition and health claims on follow-on formulae  are fully harmonised, and that claims authorised at EU level cannot be banned at national level, however, as long as national laws  are proportionate,  justified  and do not conflict with rules of EU law (and the rules of the Treaty) Member States may adopt rules at national level in areas that are not harmonised at EU level. This is all that Romania is proposing to do.
It is worth recalling that there is no Human Rights obligation on any woman to breastfeed her baby. It is   States that have a Human Rights obligation to protect breastfeeding and  childrens rights to optimal health. This means protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding and making it possible and easy for women to do so.

Here’s the  link to the  Nutraingredients by Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn, 08-Nov-2016

Romania goes beyond EU minimum with infant formula restrictions

Romania wants to ban the promotion of infant formula products for children up to the age of two years, but it remains to be seen whether this draft law will make it past EU scrutiny.

And  another with a response from the baby food industry

Censoring choice?  SNE concerned about Romanian Plans



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